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Ken Spaeth Masonry provides concrete and masonry services for commercial and residential properties in the Northwest Metro, St. Michael, Plymouth, Maple Grove, Osseo and the surrounding areas.

Our Concrete Services

Concrete Driveways:  New and replaced.  We’ve been installing quality driveways for 30 years with high quality customer satisfaction.

Concrete Aprons:  Most new homes can have problems with their concrete aprons. The term concrete apron refers to an extension of concrete slab around the perimeter of a building, in front of a garage door, or other places where the concrete transitions to a different grade of slab. Aprons provide for a smooth transition and also help to drain water away from a home or building. Some people choose concrete aprons for purely aesthetic purposes since they have can have a major impact on the property’s appearance.

Patios: A home patio offers a relaxing place to spend time with family and friends and the ideal place to host a barbeque. Spaeth Masonry offers custom patio installation according to your exact specifications. We use bricks, pavers, concrete, and other materials of the highest quality to install a patio you will enjoy for years to come. We also offer all types of patio repair, including stone pointing, patio weed removal, and restoration of existing patio materials. 

Sidewalks: Sidewalks in front of commercial and residential buildings can wear out over time and require complete replacement. When you need a new sidewalk, contact us to assess the site, set up the framework, and pour the concrete. We create expansion joints when the concrete is almost set to prevent cracking. Spaeth Masonry also ensures that the sidewalk has a textured service that won't cause people to slip.

Masonry Construction Services: We provide a complete line of masonry construction services to home and business owners. Our crew uses materials you choose to ensure the project meets your satisfaction. These may include brick or building stone such as marble, granite, limestone, and travertine. Some of the other materials we may use depending on the scope of your project include cast stone, glass block, concrete block, and cob. We use the highest quality of materials to ensure that our masonry remains durable and stands the test of time.

Masonry Repair and Maintenance: If you notice crumbling mortar in your brick walls or chimney, it's important to arrange for repair as soon as possible to avoid water and structural damage. Spaeth Masonry completes a process called tuckpointing, which means that we re-mortar and clean the joints. No matter how large or small the repair issue, we are available to fix it. 

When you sign up for our masonry preventive maintenance program, our crew members look for hairline cracks, water leaks or damage, missing joints, poor construction, failed caulking, and several other issues. We clean your masonry work and repair any small issues we see on the spot. If we uncover larger problems, we encourage you to schedule another appointment so we can devote all of our time and attention to it.

Cement Floors: Spaeth Masonry is available to pour your new cement floor as well as repair or maintain it. Cement is a mixture made from aluminum, calcium, iron, silicon, and similar materials. Adding water to a cement mixture allows it to harden in place. We typically use Portland cement for residential and commercial flooring projects. 

Concrete Installation: Concrete is made from up to 15 percent cement and also includes crushed rock, sand, and stone, which together are called aggregate. The cement and aggregate portions of concrete harden when exposed to water. We offer a number of different types of concrete installation to meet your needs.

Concrete Driveway Installation: Before we install your new concrete driveway, we excavate and grade it to ensure that the concrete lays well and lasts indefinitely. These steps are also important to make sure that water sheds and drains from your driveway properly. The thickness of the concrete depends on local regulations as well as the quality of soil present underneath the driveway. We offer several styles of decorative concrete to improve the appearance of your entire home.

Concrete Removal: When you need to remove an existing curb, garage floor, driveway, or parking lot to make way for a new one, call on Spaeth Masonry to do the job right. We haul away the old concrete and take extra care to leave your property in excellent condition when we're done.

Concrete Sawing:  We perform both wall sawing and flat sawing services. Wall sawing creates an opening in masonry and pre-cast concrete doors, windows, and mechanical ductwork to perform additional work. Customers also request wall sawing to demolish bridges, buildings, and dams.

Flat sawing involves sawing on the street or floor of asphalt or bituminous surfaces. The purpose of flat sawing is to enable access to existing electrical pipes or plumbing for repair or to install new equipment. Another time we use flat sawing is on highways and streets to remove old pavement or install new pavement.

Many situations can cause a sidewalk to require repairs. Some of the most common ones include lack of maintenance, growth of tree roots, and the effects of our Minnesota weather conditions. We are available to resurface the sidewalk, repair chips, or to provide any other repairs you may need.

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